Why Choose a Beach Destination Wedding?

So he finally asked the big question and you’ve agreed to marry him and spend the rest of your life by his side. Happy tears and celebratory champagne have both flowed in equal proportions, you’ve each called up your closest loved ones to share the news and it’s finally beginning to sink in that this is it – you’re getting married! Congratulations!

After a few weeks, you’ll most likely begin to notice that the questions are starting to take a subtle shift away from “How did he propose?” and “Can I see the ring?” to “Have you picked a date yet?” and “Where will you be getting married?” You’ll begin to realize that now is probably the best time to start thinking about some of the larger aspects of your wedding day, such as where you will be saying your I dos.

At some point in every couple’s wedding planning process, they begin to entertain the idea of a beach or destination wedding. After all, how could you not? It’s a wedding and honeymoon in one, you’re practically guaranteed a gorgeous backdrop for your ceremony and the natural aesthetics of the sun, sand and waves instantly create a peaceful and romantic ambiance. Need a bit more convincing? Maybe these next few points will convince you:

Your Wedding is Instantly Unique – Roughly 2 million Americans couples get married each year, but less than 20 percent choose to have a destination wedding. If you and your fiancé choose to be amongst that 20 percent, you will save yourself from having to book the same old venue, DJ and catering company as most of your friends.

You Save on Décor – As we’ve mentioned, the natural beauty of a destination beach wedding is already stunning on its own. As part of the Florida Keys, Islamorada, FL’s Caribbean Resort is a must-see when considering this type of wedding. With its lush tropical setting and oceanfront views, most couples who have selected this resort for their wedding have chosen a very minimalistic décor, opting to let nature do most of the work.

Keeping it Intimate – Choosing a destination wedding will most definitely increase the number of declines you receive on your RSVPs. This isn’t a bad thing though; not only does this allow you to narrow down your guest list to those true few that you really want to share this day with, but is also does wonders for your budget.

At Modern Romance, we understand that putting together a destination wedding in the Florida Keys can be difficult when you’re still going about your everyday life at home. You need a knowledgeable and professional wedding planner that can truly make that fairytale beach wedding become a reality. We can help. Give us a call today to get started on the first day of forever.

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